The Wild Rose Collective is truly meant to be a collective of voices and perspectives, not a spotlight on us. We see ourselves more as the documentarians. Our role is to pursue and share stories, but ultimately our place is behind the camera. We’re here to listen and ask questions, but the spotlight belongs to you. Like any reporter, we know we’ll make mistakes and need an edit from time to time, but we hope this is a space where mistakes lead to productive conversations and deeper understanding.

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Lindsey Smith is a published author and speaker most commonly known as the “Food Mood Girl.” Her love of storytelling inspired her to create and launch a program that helped over 1,000 writers launch their own dream books. Her work has been featured in local and national publications including, Cosmo Magazine, and was also featured in a Zagat documentary. Lindsey’s past experiences have culminated in the founding of One Idea Press, The Wild Rose Collective and joining Speilburg Literary Agency as a Literary Agent because she believes there is power in sharing stories and elevating voices. She lives in Hazelwood with her punk rock husband and adorable pup, Ms. Winnie Cooper.

A female who inspired Lindsey was her childhood neighbor, Diane. Diane always had an open ear and an inspiring word as Lindsey attempted to create multiple businesses by the time she was in fourth grade. Diane was first in line at Lindsey’s debut book signing and continues to be a support to date.

Quelcy Kogel is a multi-passionate creative who works as a food and prop stylist, event designer, blogger, photographer and dog cuddler. As a stylist, Quelcy has worked with international brands and small businesses alike, to tell their stories. She was a contributing editor for Design*Sponge and currently for TABLE Magazine. She founded With The Grains as a way to document her own farm-to-table adventures. She released her first cookbook, The Gluten Free Grains Cookbook, with Page Street Publishing in April 2019. Quelcy lives in Polish Hill with her adorable dog, Julep.

A female who inspired Quelcy to pursue her biggest ideas was her older sister Tonya, who earned an engineering degree while raising a daughter as a single mom.

How It Started

It all started on a road trip. While discussing how much we owe the suffragette movement (as one does on a four-hour car ride), Lindsey went down a digital rabbit hole. It was then we discovered our namesake anti-suffragette poster and decided to reclaim the slander. Seeing these historical trailblazers, many of whom remain uncelebrated, sparked our thinking. It’s all too easy to become complacent, resting on the strides they made for us, but we owe those women more. How could we light the flame for torchbearers of today while paying homage to the women who came before us? How could we bring womxn together to learn, grow and keep the flame burning? We looked around, and we didn’t find our fit, so like the Wild Rosies, we decided to create our own space. The Wild Rose Collective was born of the goal to celebrate, honor and encourage womxn of today through the stories of our foremothers.

Now, Let's Meet
Some Rosies!

"My favorite part [of the Rising Women Conference] was seeing a room full of women committed to making this world a better place."


-Peachie Wimbush Polk

"I loved how there were both emotional/personal life and professional/work based sessions, because balance is really important to me! I also loved when we had a break, and women took turns on the microphone... it was mind blowing how loving, accepting, and supportive the entire room was. I don't think I've ever hugged so many 'strangers' in my life just because I was moved by them ♡ CANNOT wait for the next one!!!" -Lacey



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