Rising Women VIP Package

Rising Women VIP Package


Ready to make a entire weekend of International Women’s Day? Join our VIP package and you’ll receive:

  • VIP Access to Rising Women: Premier seating, VIP check-in, one happy hour drink and a special VIP Tote Bag filled with full-size products.

  • Tiny Book Workshop with Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith on Sunday, March 10, 2019 from 10AM-5PM.


After hearing all of our speaker’s inspiring stories, it’s time to share your story in the form of a tiny book. A tiny book is a very short book—typically 30 to 100 pages—on any topic that excites you.

Your tiny book could be… a book filled with advice for your kids, a book of love letters for your partner, a book of recipes, a book for your clients, or any type of book you want to create.

If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book—but you feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing a standard-length book (250 to 300 pages)—making a tiny book is an excellent option for you.

Join Lindsey Smith (Co-Founder of The Wild Rose Collective, Founder of One Idea Press and author of Eat Your Feelings and Hear Me Roar) and Alexandra Franzen (Founder of The Tiny Press and author of So This Is the End and You’re Going to Survive) for an inspiring one-day workshop.

You will leave this workshop with a clear plan for your book. You’ll learn how to get yourself from, “Ooh, I’ve got this cool idea…” all the way to, “Oh my gosh, I’m holding the finished book in my hands!”

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